the perfect sidekick

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BoBo is a playful little side table that comes in 20 different compositions. For the introduction of this new design by RKNL we created a persuasive online experience for new customers. The result: a website that seduces and answers questions at the same time.


Interaction as playful
as the product itself

The visual concept is all about making BoBo the hero, the first encounter with BoBo on a blank canvas. It invites you to start imagining how it would fit in your own space.
The interactive wheel shows all the possible color combinations. BoBo’s playful character is expressed in clever styling props that give a hint of all the spaces BoBo will feel at home in all possible spaces: outside, inside, bedroom, bathroom etc.

the customer journey

How does a product from the digital realm become ‘real’ enough for a visitor to actually buy it and welcome it at home? Our answer: design the customer journey as a true inspiring experience, right up to the placing of an actual order.

through inspiration

The BoBo side table is made for personal configuration. The first thing we set out to do was to entice the visitor with a strong visual presentation of the BoBo table. An inspirational landing that invites the visitor to interact with the BoBo table, simply by spinning the wheel.

by imagination

Once the visitor is intrigued by the idea of BoBo, it is time to help them to imagine the BoBo in their own home. By showing pictures of the BoBo in real settings and giving clear product specifications the visitor creates a clear image in their mind.

in a seamless flow

Ordering a BoBo is only a few clicks away. Giving the visitor a final clear overview of the product they are about to order, the visitor is ready to check out. We designed a Shopify integration that feels seamless with the design of the website. Your BoBo is ready to come home!

Powered by Shopify

The digital experience we built for BoBo does not stop at the front-end. At the back-end we combined Shopify (with a theme custom-built by us) with the content driven design.
Shopify is a strong e-commerce solution that ensures seamless order handling and result tracking. This is how we like to work: creating the best experience possible throughout the whole platform.

Content is king

When you really want to create the best digital shopping experience possible, the content needs to be of the highest standard. That is why we work with great talent that feel as strongly about quality as we do, like photographer Lizzy Ann and stylist Jana Miklosova. They really helped us bring this project to life.

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