Getting a beauty start-up
up and running


From keynote slides
to web app

The people of Eves came to us with a great idea: a social media platform where real people can exchange authentic tips on beauty products. A true start-up that we helped move from the keynote-slide-state to the first steps in the real world. We delivered a web app, a persuasive pitch page, the digital tools for further product development and an agile identity ready for growth.


Provide the tools that
empower next steps

A new platform like Eves needs a strong base that will allow them to grow from Minimal Viable Product towards a fully fledged new social beauty network. We designed for quick onboarding and created the tools for the Eves team to work with in this important first stage. Furthermore, we provided them with an identity flexible enough to adapt to further development.

Designed to welcome
the first users

Eves believes in authenticity in beauty advice. Experiences, both positive or negative, are to be shared. Where online influencers fight over likes and followers, Eves chooses to make conversation about cosmetics real again. That is why Eves is first and foremost about connection between real people that are not paid for their conversation.

Persuasive pitch page

From early adaptor to the long hesitator: we designed a pitch page to persuade all Eves’ visitors by taking their perspective. A smart combination of UX design and communication made it very seductive to join the conversation on cosmetics and as a result on-boarded many new Eves-friends.

Working closely together has brought us from paper to reality.

Esther Leloux Founder Eves


Design. Test.
Design again.

Working with a start-up like Eves meant working as a true complementary team. It was great to see the confidence they gave us to try out designs and their flexibility to move with new learnings.

Building a brand
for architects

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