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for architects

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i29 architects

Working with i29 was a great privilege as these great interior designers had a lot to show for. But they kept too quiet about it, resulting in i29 risking to remain the ‘best kept secret’ in the interior design world. In order to break this circle, we set out to design a way for these introvert geniuses to tell their story and present the multilayered essence of their work.

We create brick and mortar experiences that add wow to real life.

Jeroen Dellensen Founder i29


Revealing the studio
behind the work

Showing who you are is big part of being taken seriously as a brand. And that is what we set out to do: give i29 the tools they needed to reveal the professional studio that is behind the great work. Nok Nok Studio re-branded i29, designed their website and developed a presentation tool box. It proved an important step in their development and helped i29 to be pitch-ready for the next big project and move on to the next level of their development as an organization.

Layered design,
consistent brand

The interior architects of i29 design with deceiving simplicity. The forms seem pretty straightforward but are always worth a second look as their work always has a clever and very functional deeper layer. These layers are reflected in the website design where projects can be read on multiple levels: snackable with quotes from clients, practical with range specifications, and in-depth with the story behind the project. Consistency in design in all we made for i29 creates a more professional and steady brand feeling.

Appealing to all audiences,
from prospects to press

The layered structure of the website means that all relevant audiences, from prospects to press, can find what they need when visiting the i29 site. Attracting visitors and offering them relevant content is of course one thing. The next step, generating leads is just as important.

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An approachable
and lively studio

Photography, of course, plays a big role in ‘showing yourself’. For the first time the full design studio is portrayed. We chose our photography carefully, with natural poses and portraits that really show the personalities of the people that make i29. You could say that the photography also brings an extra human layer to the whole website and gives a more open and approachable feeling to the i29 brand.

the right tone

The copy tone was an important aspect of the re-branding. We defined that tone as ‘fittingly proud but never arrogant’. This convinced-but-not-cocky tuning fits i29’s position of esteemed designers but modest people. It also helps with claiming the status they deserve: professional designers with great vision who convince with their story as much as their portfolio.

at all times

A professional organization like i29 should be pitch-ready at all times. We created several templates for agency presentations, but also a great online press kit so i29 can tell it’s story at any given moment. It was also for the first time that a clear outline was written for the approach of i29. Now (potential) clients can see exactly how the process of working with i29 is.

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