Engaging a new audience

Brand strategy • Brand design • Digital design

Unified Streaming

Leading media brands such as HBO and BBC run their streaming video content on software by Unified Streaming. Technical experts already know how great they are. Unified Streaming was ready to take the next step: think even bigger with business leaders. We helped them take the leap from software makers to problem solvers.

Brand design

A design system
with angles

For the design of the brand, we chose to build on the angle aspect that was already in the logo. Even the new typography has a subtle slant, relating to that thought. By always using the same angles, all design elements work together really well. We delivered a brand guide that ensures the consistency of the brand.


A clear brand strategy
to take the lead

We set out to define Unified Streaming's role in its market. For media brands looking for streaming solutions, it’s a jungle out there of technical details. Unified Streaming has the guts to present complicated matters in a simple and human way. This way, Unified Streaming presents itself as a true leader. Ready for any challenge. This resulted in a new brand message: Your streaming challenge, accepted.

A customer journey
that helps decision makers
make decisions

We rethought the whole costumer journey from the perspective of our new target audience: business leaders that are less software savvy.

Instead of diving into details, we start by showing we understand our audience’s challenge and focus on the impact it can make. Starting a conversation with Unified Streaming’s experts is a logical next step.

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a card system

We designed an interactive card system to explain the workings of a solution. This system allows Unified Streaming to explain complex solutions in a simplified way. Now it's easier to understand for the new audience.

Optimized flow
for technologists

It is one thing to aim for a new audience, it is another to be ready to service this growth. Big part of our work for Unified Streaming meant making them ready for their next step. Like optimization of the onboarding flow for potential clients, their most important source for business.

Service delivered

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand design
  • User experience design
  • Digital design
  • Art direction
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Systems architecture

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